Sentos is a mildly fruity Extra Virgin. The nose is intensely fresh with complex green notes (green avocado with a drop of citrus, green leaves, wheat spike and almond, among others).


Bitterness and pungency: the first presents itself very mildly, while the second evolves from a discreet start ‘in crescendo’ for a couple of seconds, without ever exceeding itself. Moments after, the feeling is light and clean on the palate, with a spicy aftertaste.


—Carmen Sánchez García

EVOO consultant and expert in tasting of virgin olive oil




Quinta das Almoinhas

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Quinta das Almoinhas is a beautiful piece of land located in Muxagata, close to the small town of Foz Côa, at the heart of the Alto Douro (DOC) wine region in Portugal. It consists of four hectares of vineyards and 1/3 hectare of olive trees.


Sentos is our first product, an early harvest, superior category Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is a natural, unique blend of local varieties obtained directly from our centennial olive trees. The olives are hand-picked and the oil immediately cold extracted by mechanical means only. Sentos is named after the Proto-Indo-European word meaning path, a path we started in 2015.


Our small productions will always respect and be marked by the uniqueness of the land we love.